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Wednesday, 09 April 2014 18:39

Heli-Max 230Si Quadcopter

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Pilots looking for something bigger than "palm-sized" — but at a lower cost than 350-size machines — now have the perfect option. Like larger models, the ready-to-fly 230Si quad offers more stability, easier visibility, and is better able to handle outdoor flying conditions. With sophisticated intelligent technology also built-in, the 230Si gives first-time fliers outstanding odds for success. It's a satisfying choice for seasoned pilots, too, and is available with or without an onboard HD camera for taking in-flight videos and still photos.

  • Advanced technology helps anyone fly successfully.
  • Fly indoors or outdoors.
  • Easy flights last up to 15 minutes per battery charge.
  • Fun for new pilots and pros!

Two versions of the 230Si are available. One includes an HD digital onboard camera and 2GB memory card. The other does not, but the camera is available separately (HMXZ0001) — or you can transfer the camera from your 1Si or 1SQ V-Cam. Not only is the 230Si easier to control than smaller quads, but its larger size is more stable in flight. The onboard camera holds steady for taking the best photos and videos. All of the 230Si's intelligent technology — including Return to Pilot, Altitude Control Management, and TAGS-FX beginner/expert flight modes — is conveniently controlled right from its specially designed transmitter. The video and photo functions of camera-equipped versions are also remotely controlled. Both 230Si RTFs come with a large capacity, 1200mAh 1S LiPo battery and variable rate balancing AC LiPo charger. Fully charged, the battery provides flight times lasting up to 15 minutes.

Select Beginner or Expert flight modes from the transmitter. In Beginner mode, releasing the sticks lets the 230Si stabilize itself in flight — perfect when you're unsure of how to react. Expert mode turns off the TAGS-FX accelerometers, allowing greater maneuverability. Choose the mode that's right for you. New pilots enjoy unprecedented confidence…experts gain the precision to execute perfect maneuvers.

If the radio signal is lost while flying, the 230Si enters into fail-safe mode. The model holds the altitude it has at the time of signal loss and hovers for about one minute. Then it will slowly descend.


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