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Wednesday, 09 April 2014 18:46

Race Season - 2014 Kickoff

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With the start of Spring brings the start of the Kootenai RC Racers race season!  Our first open race of the year was on April 2nd, and we had a fantastic turn out.  It's amazing to see our impromptu race league grow from a few folks at J. Neils Park to starting up a second season of awesome racing.  The first race took a bit to get some kinks ironed out, but after some restructuring the races should run smooth - with some basic rules in place.  We're also gaining momentum for our Hot August Showdown race series.  We recently picked up our first two race sponsors:  Pro-Line Racing and Team Associated - with the potential of several more major manufacturers stepping up to provide event sponsorship.  All-in-all, we should have a sweet race year!

See you at the track!


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